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Anglesea Art Studios

creative metalwork by Cinnamon Stephens of Studio 66 Porcelaine by Melinda Solly of Fragility Studio painting by Jan Francis of Moongate Studios painting by Jill Treloar of Treehouse Studio random weaving by Caroline Hawkins Jan and Geo Francis from Moongate Studios

Anglesea Art Studios is a trail of working art studios around the Surf Coast town of Anglesea. United by a contemporary vision, each one of these art studios is open by appointment or when the flags are flying. Come and visit local artists in their own creative spaces to truly get up close to the process. This is a fabulous way to spend a day or two in Anglesea exploring the local talent. This trail offers: sculpture in clay, stone, timber, weaving and creative metalwork, ceramics, woodwork, jewellery, painting, printmaking, art books and more. With 14 artists spread over eight studios, Anglesea has a wealth of creative talent to discover. You are welcome to observe, to buy or even order a distinctive custom made piece. Most important is the experience of how these artists create, and what inspires them to do so.

Location: 66 Niblick Street, Anglesea, Victoria, Australia

Location: 66 Niblick Street, Anglesea, Victoria, Australia


Phone: () 0400 436 308